Who Could Benefit From Pharmacogenomic Testing?

Who Could Benefit From Pharmacogenomic Testing?

Pharmacogenomics analyzes a patient's DNA to determine how their body responds to different medications. With this information, doctors can choose medications and dosages that are the most likely to work for that patient while minimizing their risk of adverse drug reactions. Learn more about who could benefit from pharmacogenomic testing, then request your kit from Next Genomix Laboratory in Atlanta today.


Patients With Chronic Illnesses

Patients who suffer from chronic illnesses, such as diabetes, heart disease, or cancer, are often required to take long-term medication. Pharmacogenomic testing can help doctors personalize their treatment, ensuring the medications work effectively while minimizing the risk of adverse reactions.


Patients Taking Multiple Medications

Patients who take multiple medications at once are more likely to experience adverse drug interactions. Pharmacogenomic testing can help doctors choose medications that do not interact negatively with one another, potentially saving patients from severe side effects.

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Patients With a History of Adverse Drug Reactions

If someone has experienced an adverse drug reaction (ADR) in the past, they might be at a higher risk of experiencing a similar reaction in the future. Pharmacogenomic testing can help identify any genetic factors that could increase their risk of ADRs, mitigating potential problems.


Patients Who Require Custom Drug Doses

Some people cannot tolerate standard drug doses and may be under or over-medicated as a result. Pharmacogenomic testing allows for personalized treatment with custom dosages according to a patient's genetic profile and bodily response, leading to better treatment outcomes.

Pharmacogenomic testing allows for customized medical treatment for individual patients, promoting better outcomes and alleviating complications all at once. If you believe that you could benefit from pharmacogenomic testing, contact Next Genomix Laboratory today to learn more about what this type of test can do for your health.

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