What Is A Punch Biopsy And Who Needs One?

What Is A Punch Biopsy And Who Needs One?

While the name "punch biopsy" may sound intimidating, it truly isn't. Yet, many people can become frightened at the idea of a biopsy because the results of the test can yield a scary diagnosis. Next Genomix Laboratories, based in Atlanta, performs punch biopsy testing for physicians and patients alike. Below, we'll go over what exactly is a punch biopsy and who exactly needs one. Get in touch today!

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What is a Punch Biopsy?

Punch biopsy gets the name because a small cutting tool is used to take a bit of skin out in order to be tested. The skin is "punched" per se. This tissue sample is then preserved and then examined underneath a microscope for any sign of abnormalities.

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Who Needs a Punch Biopsy?

Punch biopsies are extremely common procedures in order to obtain a tissue sample to look for many different types of diseases and conditions. They are performed for anyone who suspects they have a skin condition, cancer, or unexplained inflammation that won't heal. Suspicious skin growths and lesions may also need to be examined, too.

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What Does a Punch Biopsy Reveal?

A punch biopsy reveals a lot, including:

  • Skin conditions such as psoriasis

  • Examine a mole for cancer

  • A precancerous skin condition

  • Other types of skin cancer

  • Skin infections

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The Details

A punch biopsy is quick to perform, relatively painless, and you can continue with your normal activities once it is done. You may need sutures, depending on the amount of skin removed, but scarring is extremely minimal. The area will be numbed, and your practitioner will then call you with the results when they are ready.


Our caring team understands you may be nervous for a punch biopsy. We do everything we can to make you comfortable and at ease. The good news is that once the punch biopsy is over, you can head back out to your day. If you have any questions about our punch biopsy or need to schedule one, give us a call today!