What Can Pharmacogenomics Testing Reveal?

What Can Pharmacogenomics Testing Reveal?

Pharmacogenomics is the study of how an individual’s genetics affect their body’s reaction to specific drugs. Since we are all different genetically, our bodies react in varying ways to different medications. Pharmacogenomics can predict a medication’s effectiveness, the likelihood of side effects, and much more. Read on to learn more about what pharmacogenomics testing can help us reveal, and if you’re interested in getting pharmacogenomic testing, request a testing kit from Next Genomix Laboratories today.

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Determine How Your Body Responds to Certain Medications

First and foremost, pharmacogenomics can reveal how your body will respond to certain medications. This is especially helpful if you have been diagnosed with a chronic illness where you will have to take maintenance medications for the remainder of your life. Next Genomix Laboratories can test to see how your body responds to the medication that you have been prescribed.

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Find Drugs that Are the Most Effective for You

Pharmacogenomics is especially helpful in finding which medications could be the most effective for you. Many chronic conditions have several prescription medication options, and without genetic testing, it can take a lot of trial and error to see which medication works for you. However, with pharmacogenomics, we can run tests for each medication option, and instantly understand which ones will be the most effective, which will cause side effects, and more.

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Identity More Affordable Options

It’s no secret that prescription medication can be expensive, even if you have medical insurance. That’s where pharmacogenomics comes in. With our testing at Next Genomix Laboratories, you could determine if a less expensive medication will provide you with the same, or even better, results, thus reducing your medical expenses.

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The Opportunity to Create Personalized Treatment Regiments

Your doctors can utilize your pharmacogenomics results to create personalized treatment regiments that are specifically designed to work for you and your genetics. This allows prescribing doctors to find the most effective treatment options with the least amount of side effects to treat your condition, so you can feel your best.

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