The Importance of Pharmacogenetic Testing in Medical Treatments

The Importance of Pharmacogenetic Testing in Medical Treatments

Pharmacogenetics is a field of precision medicine that is gradually revolutionizing the medical world. Through genetic testing, medical professionals can more easily determine the best course of treatment for their patients. Thanks to the advanced pharmacogenetic testing technologies like the ones we use at Next Genomix, medical practitioners have an additional tool in their arsenal to help diagnose and treat a wide range of medical conditions.

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Determining the Best Treatments

Pharmacogenetic testing examines the patient’s DNA to determine how the body metabolizes, absorbs or excretes certain drugs. By understanding how the patient’s genetics affect their reaction to drugs, providers are better equipped to select drug therapies that are more likely to work for that particular patient, reducing time and resources spent on trial-and-error type treatments.

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Preventing Poor Reactions

Pharmacogenetic testing can also help to avoid mild to serious adverse reactions that can occur with certain drugs, ensuring better safety for the patient throughout treatment. When a patient has reactions to treatments, it can lead to complications or further treatment requirements, so preventing adverse reactions, even mild ones, can help to streamline treatment and keep the patient more healthy in the long run.

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Finding Cost Effective Solutions

Pharmacogenetic testing can help the patient save money, too! Either by finding the most effective treatments for their care, or by finding effective treatments that have lower costs, pharmacogenetic testing can set patients up for success in staying healthy physically and financially. Pharmacogenetic testing helps medical care providers reduce the number of ineffective medications prescribed to patients, too, which means less money wasted on ineffective treatments.

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Providing Precise Care

By understanding how the patient’s genetics can affect the response to drugs, physicians are better equipped to tailor treatments to the needs of each individual, reducing unnecessary complications or inaccuracies in treatment. This kind of precision care is the future of medical treatments.

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