Other Genetic Tests You Should Know

Other Genetic Tests You Should Know

Genetics is a huge field, no doubt, so when you talk about genetic testing, you could be talking about dozens of things. For instance, Next Genomix Laboratories offers pharmacogenomic testing, which is researching and testing how medications will interact with a person's body based on their genetics. However, there are many other genetic tests you should know, which we'll explore below. Contact us today!

Woman using a microscope to perform diagnostic testing

Diagnostic Testing

Diagnostic testing is a very common type of genetic testing you will encounter and perhaps have already had. Diagnostic testing looks for mutated genes that can reveal if you have a certain genetic disorder. This type of testing is used to confirm diagnoses, such as for cystic fibrosis.

Testing blood for genetic conditions and disorders

Carrier Testing

As you know, there are many conditions and disorders that are genetic. Carrier testing can be performed to determine if you have certain genes. This can inform you of your risk of developing a condition, or give you a good idea of the odds of you passing it down to your kids and to future generations.

Nurse holding a newborn baby

Newborn Screening

Newborn screenings are extremely popular here in the United States. All newborns are required to be tested for certain genetic and metabolic conditions while in the hospital. This can give doctors and parents a wealth of information if there is something present sooner rather than later.

Preimplantation testing

Preimplantation Testing

For those couples who are taking advantage of in vitro fertilization, a genetic test called a preimplantation genetic diagnosis test can be run on the embryos before being implanted in order to offer the best possible outcome for a healthy pregnancy.


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