How Pharmacogenetic Testing Can Help Personalize Your Medical Treatment

How Pharmacogenetic Testing Can Help Personalize Your Medical Treatment

Did you know that pharmacogenetic testing can help personalize your medical treatment? This type of test studies how one’s genetic makeup influences their response to different medications. At Next Genomix Laboratories in Atlanta, we specialize in diagnosis testing, including pharmacogenetic testing. Learn more about how this test can personalize your treatment options, then request a kit today.


Minimize Adverse Drug Reactions

Adverse drug reactions occur when a patient has an unexpected negative reaction to a medication. Sometimes these reactions can be severe, leading to hospitalization, or even fatal. Pharmacogenetic testing helps identify patients with a high risk of experiencing adverse drug reactions. With this information, their doctors can choose medications that are less likely to cause harmful effects.


Find the Right Dose

Pharmacogenetic testing can help doctors determine the proper dose of medication for an individual patient. Everyone metabolizes medication differently, and some people require a higher or lower dose than others. By using pharmacogenetic testing to determine the optimal dose, doctors can avoid under or over-medicating their patients.


Predict Drug Efficacy

It’s not uncommon for some people not to lack a response to some medications. In many cases, doctors may try multiple medications before finding one that works. But, with pharmacogenetic testing, it’s possible to determine whether a medication will be effective before prescribing it. This saves time and allows patients to receive treatment faster.


Determine the Risk of Drug Interactions

Pharmacogenetic testing is beneficial in identifying patients who may have an increased risk of drug interactions. Certain medications are hazardous when taken with other drugs, which can increase the severity of the reaction.

Pharmacogenetic testing from Next Genomix Laboratories provides vital information to doctors that can help them make informed decisions about the medication to prescribe. Reach out to our Atlanta diagnosis laboratory today to request a pharmacogenetic test kit.

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