How Accurate Is PGx Testing?

How Accurate Is PGx Testing?

Pharmacogenomic testing is the study of how your genetics determine your reaction to medications. This information is then used to prescribe better treatments for patients' conditions, and help to lower the cost of healthcare for these services. Next Genomic Laboratories is an Atlanta-based pharmacogenomic lab. Below, we'll take a look at how accurate PGx testing truly is. Get in touch today!

Pharmacogenomics Testing

Pharmacogenomics Testing is a Tool

It's important to keep perspective in mind when talking about a person's genes. Every person is unique and has a completely different set of genes that they inherited from their parents. Pharmacogenomic testing can tell your healthcare provider a wealth of information when prescribing medications for you.

Doctor explaining different factors that play into the effectiveness of a patient's medication

Other Factors at Play

Pharmacogenomic testing is a great way to get a baseline for what medications will most likely work and won't work. However, there are many other factors that play into your prescription medications that physicians take into account, including age, lifestyle, and any other medications you may be on to prescribe your medications.

taking a blood sample from a patient

Are Pharmacogenomic Tests Invasive?

One of the best things about pharmacogenomic tests is that they are extremely easy to perform. They are usually done via a saliva or blood sample. Saliva tests don't hurt, but a blood sample will require a needle draw that may cause a pinch of pain to some.

Man filling a prescription at a pharmacy

Pharmacogenomic Testing Results

Your pharmacogenomic testing results will be sent to your healthcare provider who will then take that information and use it when prescribing medications. For healthcare professionals, the more information they have, the better. As you know the body is quite complex, and working out medications can be, too.


Next Genomix Laboratories is proud to be able to offer our top-rated pharmacogenomic testing to you and/or your patients. Let our experienced team give you more information for proper treatment of your patients. Get in touch today!