4 Reasons for a Punch Biopsy Test

4 Reasons for a Punch Biopsy Test

A punch biopsy is a type of diagnostic lab test that involves a physician removing a small section of skin tissue for laboratory analysis. For physicians nationwide, this procedure is most commonly used to diagnose various skin conditions and disorders. At Next Genomixs Laboratories in Georgia, we offer several testing kits for clinics nationwide. In this blog, we’ll explore four reasons why a punch biopsy test may be necessary for your patients.

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One of the most difficult skin cancers to diagnose without a skin biopsy is melanoma. A skin punch biopsy can be used to remove a small section of the suspected area and then examine it in a laboratory for cancerous cells. Using this diagnostic lab test can help with the early detection and prevention of cancer from spreading.

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Benign Growth

Skin punch biopsies can also be used to diagnose benign growths like moles or skin tags. Most benign growths are harmless, but a biopsy can confirm they are not cancerous. This diagnostic test can also be used to monitor growth in the future.

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Inflammatory Lesions

Psoriasis, eczema, or other inflammatory lesions can be challenging to diagnose with a skin biopsy. Utilizing a punch biopsy to analyze and identify the underlying cause of the inflammation can give physicians a more accurate diagnosis. This will allow you to develop an effective treatment plan and manage your patient's symptoms.

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Chronic Skin Disorder

Using a skin punch biopsy to diagnose chronic skin disorders like lupus or dermatitis will help physicians and their patients to come up with a treatment plan quickly and efficiently. Taking the removed skin to a diagnostic lab will help you identify the underlying cause of the condition.

To give your patients an accurate diagnosis of their various skin conditions, use a skin punch biopsy. At Next Genomixs Laboratories, we offer comprehensive diagnostic services to physicians nationwide. To ensure your patients receive accurate diagnoses for their skin condition, contact us today to get started.

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