4 Examples of a Diagnostic Procedure

4 Examples of a Diagnostic Procedure

At Next Genomics Laboratories, we understand the importance of diagnostic procedures in the identification and treatment of various medical conditions. It is essential that diagnostic scans are accurate as they determine the effectiveness of treatment and patient outcomes. As a CAP and CLIA-certified Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory in Georgia, we offer a complete spectrum of medical tests. In this blog, we’ll explore four examples of diagnostic procedures that are crucial for any medical practice to offer to their patients.

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Blood Testing

Blood Testing

Blood testing is a common medical test that involves analyzing a patient’s blood sample to detect and identify medical conditions. A diagnosis laboratory will check a patient's blood for various indicators, such as blood sugar, hormone levels, blood cell count, and more. This type of test can be used to identify infections and diseases in a relatively pain-free procedure.

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Biopsies are commonly used to diagnose cancer and other medical conditions by removing a sample of tissue from a patient’s body and sending it to a diagnostic lab for analysis. During the analysis, a lab will use a microscope to determine the presence of abnormal cells. Once results are found, the information is passed on to your practice for you to develop appropriate treatment plans for your patient.

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CT Scans

CT scans use X-rays and computer technology to create detailed images of a patient's internal organs, bones, and tissues. This type of diagnostic scan is commonly used to identify and monitor various medical conditions, such as cancer. These images can give your medical practice valuable information that can guide a treatment plan.

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Diagnostic Imaging

Diagnostic imaging allows physicians the ability to identify and monitor medical conditions through the use of X-rays, MRIs, and CT scans. These diagnostic scans will allow you to give your patients a more accurate and effective treatment plan.

Diagnostic procedures are crucial in identifying and monitoring your patient's health. At Next Genomics Laboratories, we are a fully equipped diagnosis lab ready to help you serve your patients more accurately and in a timely manner. We are dedicated to providing the latest technology advancements to physicians nationwide, contact us today to receive testing kits.

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